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Paradise Village Real Estate
Below is a brief summary of the key steps and services in our Paradise Village Division Resale listing program.
Please contact us for a full presentation. The first step is to send us an email with only the “Basics” on your property by completing this form:
Or if you prefer, just call us toll free:

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: (322) 226 – 6739
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Help in the price of your property
As a first step, we will help you establish a realistic and achievable price for your property, based on a careful review of comparable properties and current market conditions. You don’t need to guess the value, we can help you reach an objective conclusion about the price.


To sell a house, condominium or lot in the Nuevo Vallarta area it is necessary to have the following original and copy documents.
  • Write
  • Measurements in square meters and square feet
  • Utility bills (such as phone, electric and telephone) * Please note that utility bills must be in the name of the person who owns the title and the address must be exactly as indicated on the writing.
  • Copy of an official identification
  • Copy of the last property payment
  • Plans of all areas of the property
Assistance with Capital Gains Tax for Real Estate in Mexico
The Capital Gains law changed again this year (2009). We do not determine if you are eligible for an exemption, that is the strict job of the “Notary Public”. After receiving all your documentation, we send it for your review. A formal response from the Notary’s office is then sent to you for your review.